10 Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Therft Auto V game is a game made by rockstar which has lots of easter eggs or mysteries in it. Rokstar himself has slipped a lot of easter eggs and mysteries in this GTA V game. You can find these Easter eggs in several places and when playing this game.

To find out the location of the easter egg in the GTA V game, we have summarized it for you. You can visit these places while carrying out missions or while playing GTA V casually. Here is the location of the gta 5 easter egg:

1. Ghost of Mount Gordo

"Ghost of Mount Gordo" is an urban legend in the game Grand Theft Auto V. According to legend, ghost sightings appear on the peak of Mount Gordo at certain times. To trigger the appearance of ghosts in this game, players must visit the top of Mount Gordo between 11pm and midnight during foggy or rainy weather conditions.

Once there, they will see the ghost of a woman named Jolene Cranley-Evans who appears to have fallen or been pushed off a cliff and died. Players can hear his voice and interact with him, but he disappears when players get too close.

2. The Infinite 8 Killers

"The Infinite 8 Killer" is a side mission in the video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) where players are tasked with solving serial murder cases. The mission starts with finding a series of clues scattered throughout the game world, which lead the player to the location of the killer's victims.

Clues consist of a series of numbers and symbols that need to be deciphered to find the next location. The numbers and symbols refer to real-life unsolved murder cases, known as the "Zodiac Killers" cases, which took place in California in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Search for clues in the game to locate the victims of Infinite 8 Killer. Solve mysteries to get prizes.

3. Secret Mine Shaft

There is a secret mine shaft located in the game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). The mine shaft is located in the Chiliad Mountain Country Wilderness, near the cable car station. Here are the steps to find it Secret Mine Shaft

  •       Go to the cable car station in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.
  •       Look for a small building with a large wooden door.
  •       Use explosives or weapons to break down the door.
  •       Inside the building, you will find a ladder that leads to a mine shaft.

Once you enter the mine shaft you will find a series of tunnels and rooms to explore. Be warned, this can be a dangerous place with dangerous conditions and potentially hostile enemies.

Explore the Great Chaparral area to find a secret mine shaft, complete with murals depicting aliens.

4. Goatman

"Goatman" is one of the easter eggs in the game GTA 5. To find this easter egg, you need to go to the mountainous area to the northwest of the map and look for a cave with the symbol "Danger" nearby. Once you find the cave, enter it and keep walking until you find a half goat, half man statue. At that point, the atmosphere will turn dark and whoever the character you play will turn into a human goat.

You can control a goat-man character with limited movements, and you can also attack local residents to create chaos. However, the goatman effect will wear off after a while, and your character will return to its original form. It should be noted that "Goat Man" is a hidden easter egg and is not part of GTA 5's main gameplay.

5. The Altruist Cult

There is a cult in GTA V called the Altruist Cult. a group of cannibals living in the Wilderness of the Chiliad Mountain Country. Players can take part in missions to deliver people to the sect, but it's unclear what the sect does with them. If you try to enter into the environment of this sect then you will be considered as an enemy and will be attacked by members of the sect.

6. The Mystery of Bigfoot

There isn't really a Bigfoot mystery in the GTA 5 game. However, there are side missions related to Bigfoot that can be played after completing the main story and getting a character named Franklin.

This side mission is called "The Last One" and begins when Franklin encounters a man who claims to be Bigfoot in the woods around Vinewood Hills. Franklin is then asked to find and defeat several "Bigfoot brothers" scattered in the forest.

Even though this mission is related to Bigfoot, there are no hidden mysteries or secrets related to Bigfoot in GTA 5 apart from the side missions mentioned above.

7. The Bloody House

The bloody house in the GTA V game is a house that will bleed when it is shot at the windows of the house. You can find the mystery of this house at a location in the Vinewood Hills neighborhood, house number 3543. You can prove this mystery by shooting a gun at the glass of the house. Later the glass will bleed.

8. Corpses Under the Sea

At the bottom of the sea not far from the Military Base – Fort Zancudo, you can find the mystery of a woman's corpse on the seabed. This is very mysterious because the condition of the corpse was bound and its feet were cast as if it had been deliberately drowned. But this is still confusing because at first glance it looks like a statue in the form of a woman and not a corpse.

9. The Golden Tree

The golden tree can be found on the east coast of Los Santos, near the Braddock Pass on Mount Gordo. The golden tree looks normal during the day but if it's late, the color of the tree will turn golden yellow. The tree is easily visible on the side of the highway because of its striking color.

10. UFOs

One of the most famous UFO-related easter eggs in GTA 5 is the mystery one that can be found at the top of Mount Chiliad. Players can find a series of glyphs and murals on the side of the mountain that seem to hint at UFO locations. After the player completes certain requirements, such as completing the game with 100% completion or visiting a location at a certain time around 2-3am, a UFO will appear over the mountain

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