9 Location Rare Car in Grand Theft Auto V

Driving these luxury and rare cars in GTA 5 can be a fun experience. This makes us feel that we have a car that is rare and different from other NPCs. However, finding these cars is not easy, there is a specific time and place to find these luxury cars. So, here I have summarized several places where luxury cars are parked. Here are the reviews:

1. Pegassi Zentorno - Galileo Observatory Parking Lot:

One of the rare and super fast cars that you can find in GTA 5 is the Pegassi Zentorno. This car can often be found in the parking area of the Galileo Observatory. If you are looking for a futuristic look and impressive performance, this car is worth your eye.

2. Truffade Adder - Rockford Hills:

The Truffade Adder is an exclusive luxury car. To find one, head to the Rockford Hills area near downtown Los Santos. Usually, this car parked near the luxury homes in the neighborhood. If you want to experience speed and luxury, Truffade Adder is the right choice.

3. Imponte Phoenix - Grand Senora Desert:

If you want to find a rare classic car, the Imponte Phoenix is the way to go. You can find this car in the Grand Senora Desert area, especially around the highway adjacent to the mountain. Be prepared to go through challenges to get this car, as it appears randomly sometimes.

4. Obey Tailgater - Vinewood Hills:

The Obey Tailgater is a luxury car inspired by Audi. This car is often found in the elite area of Vinewood Hills. You can look for them around the luxury homes and car garages in the area. Make sure to keep your eyes open, because they pop up randomly sometimes.

5. Bravado Banshee - Rockford Hills:

The Bravado Banshee is a rare and fast sports car. To find one, head to the Rockford Hills area, especially near Del Perro Beach. This car is often parked near luxury buildings around the area. If you like classy sports cars, the Banshee is the perfect choice.

6. Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio - Pacific Bluffs:

If you are looking for an exclusive luxury convertible, the Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio is the right choice. This car is often found in the Pacific Bluffs area. Look around the housing complex and the streets near the beach to find this car. Get ready to face challenges to get it.

7. Pegassi Infernus - Los Santos Custom:

To find Pegassi Infernus, head to the area near Los Santos Custom, Burton. This car often appears around the streets near the workshop.

8. Vapid Peyote - Del Perro Pier:

This rare car often appears around the beach area near Del Perro Pier. Look around the parking area and the surrounding streets to find the Vapid Peyote that car collectors are so eager to find in this game.

9. Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic - Los Santos Custom:

The location of this rare car can be found at Los Santos Custom, Burton. After entering the workshop, head to the parking area behind the building. The Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic will appear there.

The final word

Those are the six locations for rare cars in GTA 5. As a suggestion, if you find a rare car and want to own it, try to put it in the garage of your GTA V character's house and save the game so that the car doesn't disappear when you load the game again. Explore the city of Los Santos and its surroundings, and be lucky if you find one of these rare cars. Have a nice play!

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