8 Best Free PC Game Download Sites for 2023

Being able to play the latest games released on a PC is an exciting thing, because you can try the game before the review comes out. These latest games certainly also offer an increasingly interesting playing experience with increasingly improved graphics and enhanced gameplay mechanics that make games that have just been released, many gamers want to play them.

However, many gamers also complain about not being able to play the latest games because they are constrained by the cost of buying them. Even so, not a few gamers take another way to play these latest games through free game sites. Then what is the name of the free game site, now in this post I have summarized for you several sites to download the latest games for free.


OvaGames is a popular gaming website among gamers that provides access to download PC games of various genres and categories. This site offers a collection of the latest games as well as classics that can be downloaded for free. This site provides easy-to-access download links, and fast download speeds. Apart from that, the site also provides detailed information about each game, including descriptions, screenshots, system requirements, and user reviews, which assists users in selecting games that match their interests and device specifications.


Skidrowreloaded is a website known to source illegally cracked and uploaded computer games. This site offers access to a variety of popular PC games for free, including games that are usually paid. Users can download games from this site without paying or having a valid license. However, it is important to remember that downloading and using pirated games is a violation of copyright and may violate the law. It is recommended to support the game developers by purchasing a genuine, valid copy of the game.


Oceans of Games is a website that provides a wide variety of computer games for free download. The site offers a collection of games spanning a variety of genres, including action, adventure, RPG and more. Users can explore different categories and download the games directly from this site easily. Oceans of Games also provides users with reviews and information about the latest games, as well as useful tips and tricks.


HDD GAMES is a website that provides various kinds of computer games that can be downloaded for free. The site has an extensive game collection, including the latest and most popular games from various genres such as action, adventure, RPG, sports and many more. Users can search for the games they want easily through a simple and intuitive interface.


HIENZO is a website that provides various types of computer games for free. This site provides various game genres on the market and has a fairly complete collection of games. With a minimalistic interface, this site is easy to use and people quickly understand the content.


racked Games is a website known within the gaming community for providing pirated or "cracked" versions of video games. This site offers users free access to various popular game titles that usually have to be purchased legally. Although it offers free access to expensive games, it should be noted that downloading and using pirated games is illegal and violates copyright. As a legal alternative, it is recommended to purchase games legally through official digital platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store or other platforms.


Repack Games is a site that provides computer games that have been repackaged or recompressed with the aim of reducing the file size that must be downloaded. This site allows users to download popular games in a lighter version without compromising the quality of the gameplay. Repack Games provides various game titles from various genres, including AAA games, indie games, and classic games. However, please note that downloading or using repacked games must comply with applicable copyrights and licenses.


Tasikgame is a popular website in Indonesia that provides various types of content related to the gaming world. This site offers the latest information about video games, game reviews, guides, game industry news, and articles on topics relevant to the game industry. Tasikgame also provides game download services, both paid games and free games. Users can search and download popular games through this site.

The final word

Those were some lists of sites where you can download the latest and most complete free games. Keep in mind that if you download games for free and not from the original site or from game distributors, this is prohibited. Because indirectly you are harming the game developer because you have downloaded and played the game, which should have been purchased but instead downloaded freely through the sites above. This post is for reference only and does not recommend downloading games from this free site.

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